This collection is a love poem to Berlin. A city where German, Arabic and Turkish mix under the pulse of music, and colour, sexual identity and gender blend in harmony. Where hedonists and believers are drawn together to a shared spirit of freedom.

We call our spring/summer collection جذب   Jadhab.  An Arabic word – to lure or attract – it also means to be drawn together by gravity.  Beautifully embroidered or printed on each of the pieces, Jadhab is an elegant symbol that embodies a spirit of Berlin everyone can wear proudly.

The black and white cottons with spring pastels evoke urban spaces in full bloom: a celebration of youth, self expression and raw summer sensuality.

The collection is limited to three exclusive editions of 100 pieces each. All proceeds from sales are donated to our official partner, Barzhak — a charity supporting Berlin’s Arab creative community. Learn more

Fardowsa (she/her) grew up in Germany in a Somalian family.

“There are a lot of brands that book models just to show diversity. But I think it’s more important to include someone because of who they are. Sometimes I wonder: “Did they include me because I am Fardowsa? Or because I am just a ‘hijab model’? That’s why I liked this campaign, it was about who I am.”

Esma (she/her) is a living in Berlin with Kurdish/Turkish roots.

“As a kid, I went to the mosque every weekend. My belief in God gives me peace and positivity in such a stressful life and in the fashion industry. The bond with God gives me my energy.”

Qaher (he/him) is a Palestinian model and actor living in Berlin.

“Diversity gets commodified these days. In reality, not much changes, it’s just a way to sell you more. I want to be a force for change but I know it takes a lot more than just me to rock the boat. There are more people like me who are seen more often. Until that changes, what’s the point in representation?”

Yvan (he/him)  lives in Berlin and was born in Burundi.

“It feels good to be seeing BIPOC on various covers which gives me hope as well as confidence in pursuing my dream as a fashion model As of my day to day life, I often deal with intense stares on the streets which often leaves me wondering why and what got them staring, is it because i’m black, skinny and tall?”