Social Media

Our rules for respectful communication on LURE social media channels 

We think that your comments and messages are very valuable and we look forward to interacting with the social media community in a constructive way. Quality is very important to us, and we want to try to create an environment in which everyone enjoys discussing and communicating with each other and does it respectfully. 

We would therefore like to present our rules for respectful communication here: 

- Any form of discrimination against people or groups based on their origin, religion, ethnicity, physical condition, sexual identity, gender, income, educational background, or age will not be accepted. 

- In case of violations of our netiquette, we will exercise our right to remove comments and, if necessary, to block users. 

- Comments that were generated automatically/machine-generated (especially bots) or are obviously part of a ‘shitstorm’ can also be removed or their senders blocked. 

- We reserve the right to file a complaint if a criminal offense has been committed.


Critique and Feedback 

We are generally open to critical comments and your feedback. You are welcome to send an email to for this.